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Our Compressor Services

Fast turnaround for rebuilding services.

In addition to our factory built compressors, we provide an on-site service to clients, which includes:

Full rebuilds (where required due to site access restrictions)
Top end overhauls
Seal replacements

The Rebuilding Process

Upon diagnosis of poor performance or failure, compressors are stripped and components inspected.

Components that fail a visual inspection or measurement comparison to OEM specifications are discarded or assigned for re-working.  Where components are beyond repair, new components of American or European manufacture are installed.

CRS utilises a dedicated air-conditioned clean room in the assembly stage of the rebuilding process.

Rebuilt compressors are then thoroughly tested to ensure quality, reliability and performance, before being placed in stock or dispatched to the client.

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Brands we service

We service and carry parts for all the top brands including: