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Compressor Rebuilding Service Online Store

by Murray Hertrick on September 09, 2020 Categories: News

Hello and welcome!

If your reading this you have found our new parts online store.  Compressor Rebuilding Service – describes us: we rebuild, to manufacturers’ specifications and tolerances, semi-hermetic and open drive reciprocating and screw compressors.  We are based in Brisbane Queensland, Australia, and we primarily offer our services to the air-conditioning and refrigeration industries, we have been involved in many major reciprocating and screw compressor rebuilding projects in Queensland, New South Wales and Western Australia.

Through sourcing parts for our own rebuilds we learned that is it not very easy to source OEM parts in Australia in a reasonable time frame, therefore we went searching elsewhere and in the process we have forged relationships with suppliers all around the globe.  Through this online store we now wish to share our parts and parts sourcing services to you to bring you quality OEM and aftermarket parts much faster than Australian OEM suppliers and at a fraction of the price.  We pride ourselves on the quality of our work, materials and the service we provide.  this also applies to our online store, which we aim to provide quality aftermarket and OEM parts to the HVAC and Refrigeration industry, these are parts are tried and tested by ourselves in our own re-manufacturing process.

Have a look around, please leave suggestions and or parts requests and we can look in to providing you the best price for your parts needs.